Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dressing in the Dark - Marion Maneker

Tomorrow is Independence Day, July 4th, so this is a bit of a firework! Yesterday I noticed a review of a book on men's fashion while waiting in a lobby in San Francisco. The book, "Dressing in the Dark", speaks about the trends in fashion now that the traditional model shirt/suit/tie has been dismantled! The "magazine" was Gene Hiller which, in fact, is a store in Sausalito... clearly a place I'd be seriously out of my depth!

Marion Maneker's book apparently traces changes in fashion via male movie stars. Clearly many have an ability to influence society that is based on how well they are known and recognized ... and often not much related to themes of movies they have made. Does this imply that the most influential business leaders in the future will be aided to a significant extent by their appearance.