Saturday, June 28, 2008

Technology Marketing

Certainly the distribution of technology-oriented communities throughout the USA is uneven. A recent study from Milken can be found here Before I say much more, its important to be clear that I'm not suggesting that technology-orientation be the primary goal for all states. Ideally each community has opportunities to adopt portions of available technology that helps them improve their traditional positive patterns of living.

This reminds me of meeting an Amish family on the side of the road as I cycled through Iowa one time! More about that later...

Ultimately if we (you & I) are on the technology development side of the scales we have the naturally tendency to dive into a bunch of tech advantages we have compared to other suppliers. We offer better Security, Speed, Reliability, Services etc... when we should be able to speak to the needs of complex communities and the values we can produce.

It sounds so simple. And yet even the AMA (American Marketing Association) has estimated that Marketing collaterals are not used by Sales teams in approximately 90% of sales processes.

There are huge numbers of business opportunities for technologists in Tech States to produce dramatic results in non-Tech States. The challenge is to remember how to speak face-to-face!